Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's Hot at the Movies and on DVD

This weeks reviews of whats hot at the movies and on DVD!

Season of the Witch
    A really enjoyable, entertaining watch! The acting,settings and atmosphere were excellent! I thought the only let down in this otherwise super show was the special effects and end fight scenes. They could have made this a nine instead of an 8.5. I feel a big screen viewing may also have pushed it to a nine. All characters were played well but it was really the feeling that you were in 1350 that made this movie a highly recommended 
watch.Top movie to get lost in for a couple of hours.

The Town

This is another good show! Ben Affleck does a great job with his maiden directing effort. Excellent acting and good story. Maybe it loses a little in the final shootout scenes but otherwise  a good watch. It always kept you interested throughout, with a great connection between Afleck and Rebecca Hall who both played excellent roles. I give it  a 7.5.

True Grit
    I am not really a western lover but this was a excellently made show. I am giving it a 6.5! You will probably find western fans giving it a nine but its just not for me. All roles were played well with Jeff Bridges probably the standout in the lead role! The young lady who plays Mattie Ross, Hailee Steinfeld also does a super job. A great story helps, as many will remember it from The Dukes original back in the late 60's.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


   The story was a little cliched, but remembering it is a musical will help.It flowed smoothly and  was very enjoyable. All character roles were played well. Christina's acting abilities were stretched at times. Cher and Peter Gallagher both played good parts as the owners of the club with Stanley Tucci as Sean the club manager, being the standout. A bit of a musical vehicle for Aguileras voice,which is sensational but overdoes it at times,where it can get annoying. The music was well placed into the story and a song called Last of Me by Cher was a good addition!
 Overall I would rate this movie as 7.5 mainly for its entertainment value and good music score.Well worth a look!


                                       Warning dont read comments it will give the story away!

  A super movie! I really enjoyed this one. A good mixture of humor and horror which adds to the unique feel of the movie.Throw in a great storyline and super character roles and it can't miss.
Do your self a favor take a look you will be surprised.
     The setting has a group of people stuck in an elevator.The same morning there is a suicide out of one of the buildings apartment windows.The investigating police officers are about to have more on their plate than a suicide.A well written script,humor and character parts lift this to an 8.5 rating. Well worth seeing.

Our DVD Review

The Runaways

  This musical I am afraid falls a little flat.All character roles are played well. Kirsten Stewart is super as Joan Jett and Michael Shannon plays a good part as the girls manager Kim Fowley.What let's it down is the storyline. It's just basically the story of the first all girl rock band and that is where it starts and ends.
I am going to give it 5.5 for the character acting and the novelty.It was watchable so i am not bagging it altogether.