Sunday, June 20, 2010

Man Caught Inside ATM Machine

   Police say an 18 year old male was attempting to steal from the machine.
According to Haverhill police, David Haskell cut a hole in the drywall above a Bank of America ATM, climbed into the back and was attempting to steal money from inside when an alarm sounded.
Investigators say cameras captured unusual movement around the machine and automatically alerted the police.
  According to Haverhill Deputy Police Chief Donald Thompson, deputies arrived on the scene to find the ATM shaking and thought someone might be stuck inside. When they opened the machine, Haskell smiled and crawled out. He was immediately arrested.

Bangladesh In The News

This guy makes it look so easy a skilled worker should always be appreciated

Moving Bricks

“A Libyan, a Swiss and a Bangladeshi were travelling by plane. After some time the Libyan put his hand out of the window and told the other two that they were currently flying over his country. ‘How do you know?’ they asked him. ‘My country is hot, and it’s hot outside’ he replied. The Swiss was next. He put his hand outside the window several hours later and said ‘we are now flying over Switzerland.’ ‘How can you tell?’ the other two asked. ‘Because my country is cold, and it’s freezing outside.’ Predictably, the third traveller next had his turn. ‘Not only can I tell you that we are passing over my country’ said the Bangladeshi, putting his hand out the window, ‘but I can tell you the exact location. We are currently just above Gulistan Bus Station.’ ‘That’s amazing’ said the other two, ‘how can you be sure?’ ‘Well,’ said the Bangladeshi ‘when I put my hand out I was wearing a watch and now it has gone.'“
  Gulistan is indeed a place where pickpockets operate efficiently, Only the skilled survive. Thieves caught are usually beaten to death. The police’s job is to collect and dispose of the body. Gulistan itself is wryly named. It’s a Persian word literally meaning “Rose Garden” but more famous as the title of one the best known Sufi love/mystical/religious poems. A name denoting peace and caring grace is therefore used to describe a place of battered buses, contentious conductors and crowds choking in the dust, diesel, and too many people in too small an area.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Enviroment Day

World Enviroment Day

World Enviroment Day at the Sunshine Coast University they showed off a Barking Owl, it got everyone laughing with dog barking noises and the exorcist spinning of its head when people were trying to photograph it.I looked it up when I got home and apparently the noises it makes are varied and can actually sound like a child crying as well. A fascinating bird.I would have had some photos except my pain in the arse daughter took my camera.

  The Barking Owl has an estimated population size of fewer than 50 pairs in Victoria and is extremely rare in the West Region of Victoria. Nocturnal studies in 1998-1999 recorded Barking Owls at only 11 sites (4.3%) of 257 carefully selected sites and found only 6 sites (8%) of 75 sites where they had been reported during 1980s and 1990s which could indicate a continuing deterioration in the species status. A similar trend of decline has been recorded in New South Wales.

  World Environment Day is held each year on June 5. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations (UN) stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment.It is celebrated in many ways in countries such as Kenya, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and the United States. Activities include street rallies and parades, as well as concerts, tree planting, and clean-up campaigns. In many countries, this annual event is used to enhance political attention and action towards improving the environment. This observance also provides an opportunity to sign or ratify international environmental conventions.

 Don Cheadle New Ambassador

Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda), 5 June 2010 – He has portrayed Iron Men, mobsters and a hotel manager who saved hundreds of lives during the Rwanda genocide. But in his latest role, Hollywood star Don Cheadle will take on a new kind of challenge – the environment. Don Cheadle, an internationally respected actor, humanitarian and environmentalist, was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on 5 June 2010, World Environment Day (WED). The designation was announced in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda during the global WED 2010 celebrations.

Ellas Pink Lady 

Welcome Home Jessica

S&S 34’s are commonly entered in the notorious Sydney to Hobart and many participate in club racing all around Australia and the world.
Length Overall: 10.23m
Waterline Length: 7.37m
Beam: 3.08m
Draft: 1.83m

Jessica Watson leaving Mooloolaba on her around the world trip.